Cristy Moran

Cristy Moran (she/ ella) is a librarian, an educator, an instructional designer, and an information literacy specialist who has worked in libraries and education for over 15 years. She currently serves as the Adult Library Services Senior Consultant at the Colorado State Library. Prior to this role Cristy, was a faculty librarian based out of the joint-use North Regional/ Broward College Library at the college’s North Campus, serving a broad cross-section of users which included students and local area library users through instruction, programming, and reference. 

Cristy's professional library interests are wide-ranging and varied, but always centered on the users, patrons, and communities who we serve. 

Tracing the indigenous peoples on whose land I currently reside in Colorado is difficult and near impossible given the long history of native resettlement, genocide, extermination, and other untold and unacknowledged abuses on a land rich with indigenous inhabitants, precolonial and contemporary. This land is/was/has been home to 48 tribal and indigenous nations as far as I have learned. This is the tribal ancestral and unceded land of the Arapahoe and Cheyenne Nations. It is also the land of the Ute Tribe

True acknowledgement of and respect for indigenous peoples is a return of land sovereignty here and in other locations throughout the continent. The minimal - and absurdly insufficient - thing that any non-native peoples can do is amplify the works, words, and contributions of native peoples, historical and contemporary, here and everywhere we reside. To do so is a some small way that we can demonstrate the true significance of land acknowledgements. For more, follow: Illuminative and Seeding Sovereignty